Hiv virus was ist das, Ce înseamnă U=U?

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HIV types and characteristics The HIV virus belongs to a subgroup of retroviruses known as lentiviruses, or "slow" viruses.

hiv virus was ist das

Diagnostics and prevention The HIV infection is distinguished by a long absence of symptoms. The first few weeks after the virus enters the body is the eclipse phase when HIV antibodies cannot be Transmission routes The virus transmission paths are well researched.

Gone are the days when it was thought that HIV infection is a disease that affects only drug users, commercial sex workers and men who have sex with men MSM. Anyone can get infected with HIV, regardless of social status, Basic tests HIV diagnostic methods were developed long ago and are being continuously improved. HIV diagnostics are conducted anonymously and confidentially.

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If the test is done anonymously, a person is assigned a number, by which one can learn the result most people feel more comfortable in this way. If the test Prevention HIV prevention is one of the key elements in the fight hiv virus was ist das the spread of the virus.

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There are several key areas in which preventive measures are undertaken to reduce the incidence of HIV infection: 1. Increasing awareness about safe sex, condoms, treatment of sexually Thanks to advances in modern medicine, HIV has become a chronic condition.

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