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Meniu navigare Lucrari inscrise - Simpozion "Victor Babes" Lucrari inscrise pentru Simpozionul "Victor Babes" cu tema Medicina multidisciplinara, un concept mereu de actualitate. Lector universitar Vladică Simona Maria, Doctor în Psihologie Facultatea de Psihologie - Universitatea Ecologică Bucureşti Comunicare orală Consilierea psihologică pre şi post operator, componentă esenţială în reuşita actului medical.

Pneumotoraxul spontan reprezintă o urgenţă chirurgicală, care constă în acumularea de aer în cavitatea pleurală, fiind însoţit colorectal cancer jewish tulburări respiratorii şi circulatorii. Abordarea acestei patologii necesită decizii rapide şi cu impact de durată, cunoscându-se tendinţa la recidivă, în special la pacienţii care prezintă factori favorizanţi efort intens, fumat, etc.

Prezentăm cazul unui pacient de 15 ani, căpitan al unei echipe de fotbal juniori, care prezintă episoade succesive bilateral de pneumotorax spontan la interval de 2 luni. În acest caz, abordarea planului de investigaţii şi conduită terapeutică au avut caracter de urgenţă, de fiecare dată, necesitând o colaborare interdisciplinară airway papillomas cancer jewish centrându-se pe rolul curativ rezecţie blebs-uri pulmonare segmente apicale ale lobilor superiori prin chirurgie toracică video-asistatădar mai ales preventiv pleurodeza chimică cu betadină, electrică şi mecanică.

În cazuri particulare, algoritmul clasic colorectal cancer jewish investigaţii şi tratament poate suferi modificări, în funcţie de situaţia impusă, fiind necesare investigaţii imediate şi un abord chirurgical adecvat disponibile colorectal cancer jewish Colorectal cancer jewish de Diagnostic şi Tratament "Victor Babeş" Bucureşti, pentru o reintegrare socio-profesională rapidă a pacienţilor. EPSiT endoscopic pilonidal sinus treatment is a new endoscopic minimally-invasive procedure, has been studied in recurrent and multi-recurrent PD.

Methods: 21 consecutive prospective patients with recurrent PD were enrolled in a prospective study. The complete wound healing rate was The incomplete healing rate 9. Recurrence occurred in 2 cases 9. Normal daily activity was re-established on the first post-operative day, and the mean duration before patients returned to work was 3 ± 1 days.

QoL significantly increased between the pre-operative stage and 30 days after the EPSiT procedure EPSiT is a mini-invasive outpatient procedure, which is associated with a quick recovery and an attractive QoL outcome. It enables excellent short- and long-term outcomes than various other techniques that are more invasive. Mininvasive colorectal cancer jewish approach. Mininvasive approach has been considered as a challenge for the laparoscopic surgery so much that was excluded from prior randomized controlled trials.

La procedure usata per il cancro del define papilloma in medical terms trasverso era scelta in base alla sede del tumore Right extended colectomy - Left extended colectomy - transverse colectomy. Nella nostra esperienza abbiamo eseguito 10 extended right colectomy, 5 transverse colectomy e 15 left extended colectomy.

Risultati : I dati della nostra esperienza evidenziano come pazienti trattati con chirurgia mininvasiva per neoplasia del colon trasverso abbiano risultati similari a quelli operati per altre localizzazioni di carcinoma colico. Keywords : colorectal cancer, surgery, transverse colectomy. Edoardo Nanni, Primario del reparto colorectal cancer jewish chirurgia generale presso L'ospedale San Carlo di Nancy Roma Comunicare orală Stapled haemorrhoidopexy or haemorrhoidectomy : which technique in which case.

Personal experience and litterature review. Purpouse : Chose the correct surgical procedure for haemorrhoidal disease comparing the outcome of patients operated in the last 5 years with stapled haemorrhoidopexy with those of patients that underwent haemorrhoidectomy with milligan cum să elimini viermii de pe bancă technique using traditional diathermy or ligasure.

This study evaluates and compares short and long term results and complication rates such as bleeding, infection, anal discharge, urinary retention of patients treated with different surgical techniques.

Methods : patients that underwent surgery from jan to december for second to fourth degree haemorrhoidal disease were studied analizing the necessity for post op analgesic treatment, antibiotics, laxatives. The two groups haemorrhoidopexy and haemorrhoidectomy matched for sex age and general conditions.

Results : The outcome for patients in the haemorrhoidopexy group paraziti u ribama better in means of post op painnecessity for analgesics, hospital stay, and return to work. Conclusions : Based on the results we consider hemorrhoidopexy a better choice for second and third degree haemorrhoids. Stapled haemorrhoidopexy should be used to cure circumferential mucosal prolapse. Autorii prezintă un studiu clinic asupra pacienţi cu IVCS operaţi în 4 clinici private, în ultimii 5 ani.

Lotul luat în studiu este omogen, cu predominanta sexului feminin, cu diverse stadii evolutive ale bolii, cu frecvenţa dominantă în fazele de complicaţii tulburări trofice cutanate, tromboze, infecţii, ulcere trofice, etc. Alberto Costantini, MD Dott.


Hip osteoarthritis in people under 50 years is caused in most cases by anatomical deformities such as femoroacetabular impingement FAI or dysplasia. These insights have offered the rinocer la cai to understand and treat hip osteoarthritis earlier, thus colorectal cancer jewish the arthritic degeneration of the hip joint.

There are 2 main types of Colorectal cancer jewish Cam-type FAI is caused by an irregular osseous prominence of the head-neck junction Pincer-type FAI is caused by excessive acetabular coverage of the femoral head which can occur owing to several morphologic variants.

Most patients have both deformities, resulting in mixed FAI pathology. Physical papilloma vescicale donne of the hip joint includes inspection, gait observation, palpation, determination colorectal cancer jewish active and passive range of motion, colorectal cancer jewish specialized tests.

Commonly used views include the anteroposterior pelvis view, the Dunn view, the cross-table lateral view, and the frog-leg lateral view. Computed tomography and MRI or magnetic resonance arthrography Computed tomography and MRI or MR arthrography might assist in further detailing subtle deformities and aid in preoperative planning. CT is not part of the routine workup for FAI owing to concern about radiation exposure in young patients.

Colorectal cancer jewish

Surgery Arthroscopic tools are used to repair damage to the hip and prevent osteoarthritis progressing. Therefore, surgery for FAI aims to correct the areas of excess acetabular coverage or bony femoral head-neck protrusion to restore the normal clearance within the hip joint.

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Operative management of FAI has been shown to be effective in providing symptomatic relief and improving function, and it is substantially better than non-surgical management. It is currently unknown if any treatments of FAI will alter the natural history of the disease progression of OA or future need for hip replacement. Data from randomized controlled trials are lacking. Arthroscopic surgery has an advantage over open surgery, with faster rehabilitation and lower rates of complications.

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Patients with persistent hip pain for whom conservative management failed might be referred to an orthopedic surgeon experienced in this area for further evaluation. Prevention of OA and resultant total hip arthroplasty might be possible; therefore, early recognition and intervention make the role of the primary care provider critical.

Keywords: Osteoarthrosis - Hip - Arthroscopy. Personal Experience.

colorectal cancer jewish

Introduction : Diverticular disease is common in western countries and its prevalence is close linked to age. With the increasing median age is becaming an important challenging disease not only for Surgeons. Over the last decades the treatment of diverticulitis has changed and the Surgeon is not longer alone General medicine practioners, Radiologist, Infectivologist, Gastroenterologist anestesiologist work togheter.

Even if percutaneous drainage, antibiotics and expectant policies lowered the need for more invasive treatment there is still an colorectal cancer jewish role for Surgery. According with International guideline, Laparoscopic drainage or colon resection for uncomplicated diverticulitis should be the preferred treatment in experienced hands.

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Nevertheless, despite its potential advantages, laparoscopic management of diverticular disease it's currentl y performed by a minority of surgeons. Our aim is to demonstrate that laparoscopy treatment is possible even in complicated diverticular disease.

Cancer esofagian supravietuire, Factori declansatori in aparitia cancerului esofagian

Material and Methods : Over a total of intraductal papilloma icd 10 treated laparoscopically for diverticolitis in the last ten years we selected 38 patients with complicated disease : 23 with perforation, 12 with fistula, 3 patients with ureteral involvement.

Two cases of perforation were converted in Laparotomy. Conclusions : Laparoscopic treatment of complicated diverticular disease in experienced well trained Center has to be attempted.

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As our experience grows, it can be expected that the complication and conversion rates will continue to decline even if conversion in laparotomy never is to be considered a surgical failure. Personal Preliminary Experience.

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A prospective study from to on 38 patients was performed. A 4,6,12 months follow-up was performed. The definitive success rate, at the 6 months follow-up, was No major complications occurred. In No deterioration of continence was documented. VAAFT is a new promising minimally invasive technique. Cristina Ene, Medic specialist Endocrinologie Dr. Acest proces duce la remodelarea si marirea seii tucice, pe de o parte, si diminuarea tesutului hipofizar, pe de alta parte.

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Empty sella primara rezulta dintr-o incompetenta congenitala a membranei sellare. Empty sella apare secundar dupa chirurgia hipofizara, radioterapie in aceasta sfera sau secundar infarctizarii pituitare postpartum Sd Sheehan. Infarctizare hemoragica subclinica poate colorectal cancer jewish de asemenea in adenoame hipofizare secretante de GH sau PRL, prezenta empty sella neputand exclude astfel un adenom hipofizar.

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Desi, cel mai frecvent, probele hormonale sunt normale, iar ocazional asociaza hiperprolactinemie, testarea functiei hipofizare anterioare este obligatorie pentru a exclude insuficienta hipofizara sau microadenoamele secretante. Deficitul hormonal se poate prezenta sub colorectal cancer jewish forma — de la deficite izolate, asocieri si pana la deficit sever pe toate liniile hipofizare panhipopituitarism.

Vom exemplifica prezenta acestor deficite printr-o serie de cazuri diagnosticate datorita abordarii multidisciplinare in cadrul CDT "Victor Babes". Ramona Bică, Medic specialist Cardiologie Dr.

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Liliana Ştefan, Medic primar Cardiologie Dr. Pe cine? Cum testam? A fost raportata o relatie stransa intre prevalenta hipertensiunii arteriale si mortalitatea datorata accidentului vascular. Un diagnostic corect si precoce al HTA secundare ne ofera posbilitatea unui tratament adecvat medicamentos sau chirurgical cu scaderea mortalitatii de cauza cardio-vasculara. Este dificila si costisitoare testarea pentru toate formele de HTA secundara.

Vom incheia cu colorectal cancer jewish unor cazuri clinice diagnosticate cu HTA secundara datorita eforturilor sustinute ale echipei mutidisciplinare din CDT "Victor Babes".

Gabriel Zamfirescu, Medic specialist Pneumologie Dr. Victor Babeş" Comunicare orală Eozinofilia - factor trigger pentru tromboza venoasa profunda si embolia pulmonara. Infiltratul pulmonar si eozinofilia reprezinta un grup heterogen de boli. Rpaortam cazul unui pacient de 53 anisex masculin cu infiltrat pulmonar si eozinofilie secundara infectiei cu Toxocara Cannis diagnosticat cu tromboza venoasa profunda si embolie pulmonara la 30 zile dupa tratamentul pentru Toxocara.

Investigatiile rectal cancer uk statistics au demonstrt status procoagulant. Pacient de 35 ani se prezinta la consultasie pentru durere intensa la nivelul toracelui posterior accentuata la inspir profund. Examenul fizic a fost in limite normale, dar tomografia computerizata efectuata in urgenta infiltrat pulmonar la baza plamanului colorectal cancer jewish cu rectie pleurala. Analizele de sange au aratat eozinofilie si sindrom inflamator.

Investigatiile pentru eozinofilie au identificat test Western Blot pozitiv pentru Toxocara canis. Pacientul a urmat tratament cu Albendazol 3 saptamani cu raspuns pozitiv la tratament.

La o colorectal cancer jewish de la tratament pacientul se prezinta pentru durere la nivelul gambei drepte. Ecografia Doppler vene si testul Ddimeri intens pozitiv au confirmat diagnosticul de tromboza venoasa profunda. Se efectueaza tomografie computerizata cu substanta de contrast care descrie embolie pulmonara dreapta.

Se initiaza trataent anticoagulant. Infectiile cu helminti se asociaza cu eozinofilie. Intrebarea noastra a fost daca eozinofilia a indus tromboza venoasa sau a fost doar factorul trigger. Intrucat doua teste genetice MTHFR, PAI 1 au fost pozitive am considerat tromboza venoasa profunda si embolia pulmonara in contextul statusului procoagulant. Cazul prezentat demonstreaza ca eozinofilia este factor trigger pentru tromboza venoasa si embolie pulmonara la un pacient cu status procoagulant.

Pulmonary infiltrate and eosinophilia represent a heterogenous group of diseases. We report the case of a 53 years old, male patient with pulmonary infiltrate and eosinophilia secondary to Toxocara infection who was diagnosed with deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolia one month later from the treatment for Toxocariasis. The futher investigations demonstrated a hypercoagulable status.

A 53 years old male came to my office for very intensive pain on the left posterior thorax which was increased by deeply breath in Physical exame was in normal range, but chest computer tomography without contrast done in emergency showed pulmonary infiltrate at the base of the left lung with pleuritic reaction. Blood tests showed eosinophilia and inflamtory syndrome.

Investigation for eosinophilia showed a positive Western blot test for Toxocara canis so the pacient began the treatment with Albendazole for three weeks with positive response.